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Like the similar Fjordia chriskaugei, it has three fine lines along the body, one on the back and one on each side, below the cerata. A white line runs along each of the two tentacles and join to form the dorsal line. Unlike F. chriskaugei, it has a white pigmentation ring around the cerata tips, sometime extending into a line running down the cerata. The body color is translucent white, while the cerata are often yellow, orange, red or brown. The body length may reach 4 cm.


The distribution is somewhat uncertain, but the original Flabellina lineata was registered in the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts of Europe, as far north as Norway.


The four different species Fjordia lineata, Fjordia chriskaugei, Gulenia monicae and Gulenia orjani, were all previously known as Flabellina lineata.