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Gulenia monicae and G. orjani are virtually impossible to distinguish from images alone. They may also be confused with the similar F. lineata and F. chriskaugei, but the width of the white lines running along the back and the sides of the body are significantly wider on G. monicae and G. orjani. The white-tipped cerata are colored in shades of red, orange or brown. Sometimes they are so dark they appear almost black. The body is usually somewhat slimmer and the cerata shorter on G. monicae than G. orjani.


It is often seen feeding on hydroids below the tidal zone. It can be found on any depth, down to 400 meters.


The distribution is somewhat uncertain, but the original Flabellina lineata was registered in the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts of Europe, as far north as Norway.


The four different species, Fjordia lineata, Fjordia chriskaugei, Gulenia monicae and Gulenia orjani, were all previously known as Flabellina lineata.