• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Bryozoa
  • Class: Gymnolaemata
  • Order: Cheilostomatida
  • Suborder: Neocheilostomatina
  • Infraorder: Flustrina
  • Superfamily: Flustroidea
  • Family: Flustridae
  • Scientific name: Securiflustra securifrons
  • Norwegian: -


The colonies of S. securifrons do not exceed a height of 15 cm. The branches have not the same tendency to widen towards the tip, like the similar F. foliacea. The zooid boxes are rectangular and approximately 4 times as long as they are wide.


It thrives on rocky substrate from the subtidal zone and down as deep as 500 meters.


It is widespread in the North Atlantic Ocean, both on the American and the European side.