• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Bryozoa
  • Class: Gymnolaemata
  • Order: Cheilostomatida
  • Suborder: Neocheilostomatina
  • Infraorder: Flustrina
  • Superfamily: Flustroidea
  • Family: Flustridae
  • Scientific name: Flustra foliacea
  • Norwegian: håret membranmosdyr


The colony may grow to a height of 20 cm. Zooids in pear shaped boxes are found on both sides of the branched structure. Typical for this species is that each branch broadens significantly towards the tip. This is the most obvious difference from the similar Securiflustra securifrons.


Often found on steep walls and other rocky slopes on depths from 2 to 200 meters.


It is widespread in the North Atlantic Ocean, both on the European and American side. It is common in North Europe, including the British Isles, Belgium and Holland.