• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Porifera
  • Class: Demospongiae
  • Order: Halichondrida
  • Family: Axinellidae
  • Scientific name: Axinella infundibuliformis
  • Norwegian: traktsvamp


Quite easy to identify because of its funnel shape, but not all individuals have a closed funnel. Some look more like a wave (below) and may be confused with the Phakellia ventilabrum. The funnel may reach a diameter of 25 cm. The color is usually white or light yellow. The color is influenced by the habitat. Gray individuals are not unusual.


A. infundibuliformis is usually found from the sublittoral zone and down as deep as 600-700 meters. It seems to prefer gravel or rocky substrate.


This is a fairly common sponge in the North-East Atlantic. It is well known on the British Islands, Faroes and along the coast of Norway and France.