• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Porifera
  • Class: Demospongiae
  • Order: Halichondrida
  • Family: Halichondriidae
  • Scientific name: Halichondria bowerbanki
  • Norwegian: -


H. bowerbanki may be confused with another common species, H. panicea. It does not have the same distinct smell and is not easily broken into pieces. It is also more polymorph, taking a variety of forms from smooth cushions to very branched, bush-like shapes. The color is usually light brown or yellow, sometimes with shades of green.


It seems to thrive on current- and wave-exposed location in relatively shallow waters (less than 100 meters).


This sponge is common in the North-East Atlantic and can be found as far north as Troms, Norway.