• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Nemertea
  • Class: Enopla
  • Order: Monostilifera
  • Family: Cratenemertidae
  • Scientific name: Nipponnemertes pulcher
  • Norwegian: -


This up to 9 cm long ribbon worm has a width of 1-5 mm. There is a dorsal ridge on the top of the head. The color varies from pale pink, through orange to deep red. The ventral side is lighter than the dorsal side.


It can be found on large variety of substrates, from sand and gravel to hard rock. There are observations from sheltered locations in the fjords as well as from exposed locations close to the open sea. It is usually encountered deeper than 5 meters.


This is cosmopolitan, known both from the northern and southern hemisphere, from the Atlantic as well as the Pacific Ocean.