• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Mollusca
  • Class: Bivalvia
  • Order: Pectinoida
  • Family: Pectinidae
  • Scientific name: Pseudamussium peslutrae
  • Norwegian: syvstripet kamskjell


The most distinct feature of this scallop is the few, but coarse ridges radiating from the dorsal margin. Seven ridges is common, but the number varies from 5 to 9. The few number of ridges can be used to distinguish it from the similar Icelandic scallop. The diameter is usually less than 6 cm. The shell is often red on the upper side and light grey on the other.


This scallop thrives on gravel or rocky substrate, preferably deeper than 15 meters.


It can be found along the Atlantic coasts from Norway and the British Isles to the Mediterranean and the north-west coasts of Africa.