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This is a small nudibranch, not exceeding a body length of 25 mm. The rhinophores (head tentacles) are long and smooth. The common body color is translucent white or light gray. There are usually brown or red patches on the body as well as the white tipped cerata and tentacles. There are some white spots on the cerata, the density of these spots vary between individuals. There is a brown band around the rhinophores. E. pallidus resembles some color variations of Eubranchus farrani, but they lack the brown band on the rhinophores, typical for E. pallidus. The digestive glands tends to fill the cerata on E. pallidus, while they are more like a thin thread on E. farrani.


This species is most frequent on depths between 3 and 10 meters. Is is usually feeding on hydroids.


It occurs along the coasts of Europe, from Norway to western parts of the Mediterranean.