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A characteristic feature of the Berghia norvegica are the warts on the rhinophores and head tentacles, in contrast to the lamellae of the similar F. bostoniensis. The main body color is translucent white. There are no pigmentation on the body, rhinophores or head tentacles. The white-tipped cerata are orange. A body length of 3 cm has been registered.


So far, the B. norvegica has only been found under rocks and shells on depths below 20 meters. We have little information on its favorite food.


This species has been observed at only two locations in the entire world, both along the coast of Norway. It was first found in the Trondheim Fjord in 1939 and than again in Gulen, Sogn & Fjordane in 2011. In 2014, I found it again at the original location, just outside Trondheim. Based on these registrations it is fair to assume that it can be found along the West coast of Norway, but possibly in a significantly larger area.