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Similar to Doto cuspidata, but the body color is pale brown, often with white spots on the sides or entirely white. The body length may reach more than 3 cm. It has as many as 10 pairs of cerata, each covered by circles of pale tubercles. The rhinophores are sheeted and the sheets have an even edge. It is similar to D. lemchei, but has visible, white glands at tip of the cerata.


It is feeding on hydroids on a depth range from 10 to 200 meters.


It is known from the North-East Atlantic Ocean, from Portugal to Norway and Iceland.


The Dotidae family is currently not assigned to any particular infraorder within the Dexiarchia suborder. Genetic studies will hopefully sort this out for us. In the meantime, seawater.no present the Dotidae species together with Dendronotidae and Tritoniidae, simply by tradition.