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This is a small sea slug, the translucent white or grey body rarely exceeds length of 15 mm. It has olive green or brown blotches. The rhinophores are nearly twice as long as the oral tentacles. Both have a brown and a white band near the white pigmented tip. An irregular row of less than ten, swollen, white tipped, cerata are running along each side of the body. Even experts struggle to distinguish E. exiguus from E. pallidus, based on pictures alone. E. pallidus grow bigger, it may become as long as 25 mm. Furthermore the cerata are more numerous than on E. exiguus.

It is known to spawn all year round.


E. exiguus has been observed grazing on a variety of hydroids from just below the tidal zone and down to 40 meters.


This nudibranch is registered on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean.