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This small dorid does not exceed a body length of 15 mm. A characteristic feature is the wide mantle skirt, supported by spicules radiating from the body towards the mantle margin. The long, posterior end constitutes approximately a fourth of the body length. A raised ridge runs from the head and as far back as to the gills. The body color is translucent white, while the tip of the gills are cream or yellow.

These are probably the first published photographs of this species ever! The appearance of this species is previously documented in colors only by Henning Lemche. His water colors were published in 1985.


Little is known about its prefered habitat and food prefences. Registrations are done from well below the tidal zone to 100 meters depth. The individuals photographed in 2006 were found on the stem of a gorgonian fan.


This rare species has an uncertain arctic and boreal distribution. There are registrations from Greenland and Norway.