• Norwegian: prikksnegl


Doto coronata is an aggregate of Doto species, having red spots on the tips of the cerata tubercles. There are red or maroon pigment blotches on the translucent white body. The body length is usually less than 12 mm. Genetic studies have proved there are different species formerly identified as D. coronata.


The Doto species usually feed on hydroids, well below the tidal zone. It is suspected that different species have specialized on different kind of hydroids.


It is widespread along the European Atlantic coasts and western parts of the Mediterranean.


The Dotidae family is currently not assigned to any particular infraorder within the Dexiarchia suborder. Genetic studies will hopefully sort this out for us. In the meantime, seawater.no present the Dotidae species together with Dendronotidae and Tritoniidae, simply by tradition.