• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Ctenophora
  • Class: Tentaculata
  • Order: Lobata
  • Family: Mnemiidae
  • Scientific name: Mnemiopsis leidyi
  • Norwegian: kammanet

M. leidyi is easily misidentified as the common B. infundibulum, an old inhabitant along the Norwegian coast. The most distinct difference is the position of the oral lobes (2) relative to the balance organ (statocyst) (1).


This comb jelly is transparent or slightly milky white. It can reach a length of 10 cm.


Can be found on any depth and location where current may bring it.


Unfortunately, Mnemiopsis leidyi has become a member of the Norwegian fauna. It is a North American species, introduced in Norway through the ballast water of cargo ships trafficking the Norwegian coast. In 2008 the images on this website were the northernmost registration of M. leidyi known in Norway. Since then, I has observed it several times and one should not be surprised to find it even further North in the years to come.