• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Ctenophora
  • Class: Tentaculata
  • Order: Cydippida
  • Family: Pleurobrachiidae
  • Scientific name: Euplokamis dunlapae
  • Norwegian: -


This tiny comb jelly (maximum diameter is 2 cm) can be distinguished from other goose berries by the branched tentacles. The branches are usually coiled up to form small lumps. The oval body is transparent, slightly colored by a red pigment. The comb rows do not extend in full body length.


Little is known about the habitat, but it obviously can be found in shallow water.


The distribution of this tiny sea gooseberry in the East-Atlantic Ocean is highly uncertain. Some sources claim it merely exists in the Pacific Ocean and in the western parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The last years, several observations have been made along the south and west coast of Norway. They may have been carried to the North-East Atlantic by ballast water from international shipping.