• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Cnidaria
  • Class: Staurozoa
  • Order: Stauromedusae
  • Family: Lucernariidae
  • Scientific name: Lucernaria quadricornis
  • Norwegian: -


L. quadricornis starts its life as a larvae, searching the bottom for a place to settle down. Then, it rise the characteristic goblet shape. It can move by moving its stalk or even release the stalk and walk on its "hands". It is the only eight-armed Stauromedusae in Norwegian waters with the arms organized in pairs. It is usually light yellow or almost white. Green or brown individuals have been observed too. It may reach a length of 7 cm.


It is usually found in the subtidal zone, attached to algae or rocks, but it has been registered as deep as 550 meters.


This species is registered in the Arctic and the North Atlantic and North Pacific Ocean. It is known from the north and west coast of Norway, but not the British Isles.