• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Cnidaria
  • Class: Anthozoa
  • Subclass: Octocorallia
  • Order: Pennatulacea
  • Suborder: Sessiliflorae
  • Family: Funiculinidae
  • Scientific name: Funiculina quadrangularis
  • Norwegian: stor piperenser


This is a large sea pen, reaching a height of 2 meters in some cases. Still, the most characteristic feature is the white axis with a quadratic cross-section. This is the reason for the scientific name, F. quadrangularis. The white or pale pink polyps are usually irregularly arranged along the axis, in contrast to the similar slender sea pen, where the polyps are sitting on the side branches.


It prefers muddy substrate and is registered on depths ranging from 20 to 2300 meters.


The range of this species is probably world wide. It has been reported from many locations in the North Atlantic Ocean in addition to Madagascar, Japan and New Zealand.