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The base is up to 40 mm in diameter. The column is taller than it is wide. As many as 200 tentacles are arranged irregularly due to laceration during asexual reproduction. For this reason you often see several anemones together. The tentacles are relatively short. Five different color variations are identified:

  • Variant nivea: Disk and tentacles are all white.
  • Variant venusta: Disk is orange, tentacles are white, with no pattern.
  • Variant rosea: Disk of variable colors, tentacles rose-pink or magenta.
  • Variant aurantiaca: Disk of variable colors, tentacles dull orange.
  • Variant miniata: Disk and tentacles are patterned.
The latter, miniata, seems to be most common in Norway.


It is usually seen just below the tidal zone, but has registered as deep as 50 meters. It thrives on rocky formation, under stones, beneath overhangs or in caves or crevices.


It is common along the coast of Europe, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. In Norway it has been registered as far north as the Trondheim Fjord.