• Norwegian: ulkekutling


This is the smallest goby in the North-East Atlantic Ocean, reaching a maximum length of 4 cm. The male is perhaps easiest to spot. The prominent, bright yellow, brown or greenish first dorsal fin with a white edge, is a distinct feature. The second fin has yellow and white bands and is edged black. The male body has red, yellow or brown blotches. The female is pale brown with purplish vertical bands. Also the female has a large first dorsal fin, but this is colored differently. It is brown, red or yellow with dark bands. There is often a dark spot at the rare corner.


The diminutive goby is usually found on sand, gravel, and rocky locations. It has been registered on depths ranging fro 15 to 375 meters.


It has been found in the North-East Atlantic Ocean, from Iceland and Norway to Portugal.