• Norwegian: skrubbe


This oval shaped, right-eyed flounder, may be confused the dab which is more common on sandy or muddy substrate. In contrast to the dab, the flounder has a bony prickles along the lateral line which is not as curved as the dab's lateral line. The mouth is small, but the head is relatively large, approximately on fourth of the body length. The flounder comes in a wide range of grey or brown shades, often with dark blotches. Below it is all white. It can reach a body weight of 2.5 kg and a length of 50 cm.


The flounder, also called fluke, is often found on rocky bottoms, from just below the tidal zone and down to 100 meters. It tolerates a wide range of salinity.


The flounder is widespread in the East Atlantic Ocean, from the White Sea to Gibraltar. It is also registered in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.