• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Bryozoa
  • Class: Stenolaemata
  • Order: Cyclostomatida
  • Suborder: Cancellata
  • Family: Horneridae
  • Scientific name: Hornera lichenoides
  • Norwegian: -


A tight close-up of the positioning of the zooids is required to identify the Hornera species with certainty. However, this is likely to be H. lichenoides. The branched structure may reach a height of 6-7 cm. The color is usually white. The zooids are irregularly positioned in rounded openings along the branches.


It is most frequent deeper than 50 meters, but can be found just below the tidal zone on sheltered locations with little wave motions. It seems to thrive on current exposed locations.


The distribution is unclear, but there are registrations form both sides of the North Atlantic Oceans.