• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Bryozoa
  • Class: Gymnolaemata
  • Order: Cheilostomatida
  • Suborder: Neocheilostomatina
  • Infraorder: Flustrina
  • Superfamily: Buguloidea
  • Family: Candidae
  • Scientific name: Caberea ellisii
  • Norwegian: -


The colony of C. ellisii form a 2-3 cm fan with slender arms. The color is usually yellow or light brown. It resembles Carbasea carbasea, but can be identified by the size of the colony and the square-shaped zooids. C. carbasea does not exceed a height of 2 cm.


It is usually found on rocky substrate on current-exposed locations. The common depth range is 10 to 300 meters.


This species is widespread in the North Atlantic Ocean, along the coasts of North America as well as Europe.