• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Subphylum: Crustacea
  • Class: Malacostraca
  • Subclass: Eumalacostraca
  • Superorder: Eucarida
  • Order: Decapoda
  • Suborder: Pleocyemata
  • Infraorder: Anomura
  • Superfamily: Paguroidea
  • Family: Paguridae
  • Scientific name: Cestopagurus timidus
  • Norwegian: -


This is a small hermit crab, the length of the upper shell (carapace) rarely exceeds 5 mm. The color comes in shades of gray and brown. The hairy claws are approximately the same length, but the right claw is thicker than the left. The eye stalks are long and thick. Behind the eyes, the carapace margin forms three distinct, but short points.


C. timidus seems to thrive in a wide range of habitats. It is registered on sand, mud and rocky substrates. It can be found on any diveable depth from the tidal zone and down.


It is known in the East Atlantic Ocean, from Scandinavia to Gibraltar and in the Mediterranean Sea.