• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Annelida
  • Class: Polychaeta
  • Subclass: Sedentaria
  • Order: Terebellida
  • Family: Terebellidae
  • Scientific name: Eupolymnia nebulosa
  • Norwegian: -


The rounded, soft and fragile body may reach a length of 15 cm and a diameter of approximately 1 cm. It consists of 100-200 segments. The white spots are a typical feature for this species, but safe identification from pictures alone can be difficult or even impossible. The posterior end of the body tends to roll up in a spiral. In the other end (anterior) there are two pairs of branched gills. Often only the long tentacles are visible outside its crevice.


It is registered from the sublittoral zone and down to 500 meters. It is not choosy on substrate, you may encounter it in mud, sand or on hard-bottom locations.


This is bristle worm is well known worldwide. It is registered in the North-East Atlantic, Mediterranean, around South America, Australia, in the Indian Ocean as well as the Pacific.