• Norwegian: sylindersjøroser


The tube dwelling anemones are very similar to sea anemones. The tube anemones are solitary animals with elongated bodies, too. On the oral disk there is a mouth surrounded by to whorls of tentacles, an inner circle of short tentacles and an outer circle of longer tentacles. Many species keep only the tentacles visible above the bottom.

The main feature separating the tube anemones from the sea anemones, is the holster protecting the body. This enables them to contract into the holster and hide in the substrate.

Like the sea anemones, the tube anemones are filter feeders.


This is another order of much confusion among the taxonomists. No sources seem to fully agree on the organization of tube anemones. What they do agree upon, is that most tube anemones belong to one of the following three families:

  • Arachnactidae
  • Botrucnidiferidae
  • Cerianthidae

Identification generally requires studies of microscopic details or even genetic studies, and is often not possible from pictures alone.