• Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Annelida
  • Subphylum: Sipuncula
  • Class: Sipunculidea
  • Order: Golfingiida
  • Family: Golfingiidae
  • Scientific name: Golfingia vulgaris
  • Norwegian: -


The unsegmented body can reach a body length of 20-30 cm. The mouth is framed with 60-150 tentacles, organized in three or more circles. The color is usually grey, yellow or brown.


G. vulgaris thrives in muddy sand or gravel, from just below the tidal zone and down to several hundred meters.


This species is widespread from the North Atlantic regions, including Greenland and Norway, down to West Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. There are also some registrations from the Antarctic and western parts of the Pacific Ocean.